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New and upcoming projects

Singing Tree, an epic fantasy novel

I am dying. And so are you, my beloved...


Sweetland - An Erin Stark Novel - now available as ebook & paperback and on Kindle Unlimited

I am in that other part of my mind, the part that is cordoned off from the real me. In that part I can be anyone.
Anything can be true if I will it to be true.
I will survive. The girls will survive. I shut away that autonomous part of myself that is the real me. My other name, my true one.
For now, I am Jane.


"Alpaca Witch"

Now on Kindle Vella

Tabitha Warner battles legendary warlock Xavier to save her magical alpaca farm and preserve her family's lineage

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"Danika Miller Alien Hunter"

Now on Kindle Vella

To clear her name, Vigilante Danika Miller must track down a thief and steal back the patents to the interdimensional gateways. But when she discovers the Council's secrets, Danika learns she's not just the hunter, she is the hunted

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